Welcome to Peaceful Mind.
Therese Hensler, LCSW at Peaceful Mind Counseling Services offers guidance to individuals, adolescents and families to recognize their full potential and live wholeheartedly.
It is my honor to be a part of your journey to healing. Read more>>

Therese is a psychotherapist specializing in providing therapeutic services to adults, adolescents and families.  She believes every person has the capacity to make bold choices that realize compassion, personal fulfillment, and positive potential in life. Learn more>>











Therapy for Adults

Have you lost your passion and feel like life is unbalanced? Do you question yourself and your confidence? Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or sad? Improve your relationships through adult therapy. Help starts here>>

Family Counseling

When feelings and behaviors can be expressed in a safe environment, healing begins to take place. Finding a licensed therapist who is a good match for your family is very important. Start healing>>

Therapy for Adolescents and Children

Someone who cares about you may be thinking it would be good for you to talk with someone about what is going on in your life right. Does it mean you are weird or crazy? Absolutely not! What is important is that you are able to feel happy and understood. Learn more>>