Integrity: Building trust
The ability to trust and know the therapist you are meeting with is vital to building a therapeutic relationship. Therese is consistent in her values and holds a high regard of ethical principles in her life and practice, and abides by the National Association of Social Works (NASW) code of ethics.

Self-care: Find balance within
Therese believes that self-care is one of the most important components of healing and a balanced life. She actively practices yoga, enjoys running and hiking, cooking, and being in nature. Everyone has a core necessity to be nurtured and we are our own best caretakers.

Family: Creating meaningful foundations
Everyone identifies family in different terms. Whether, biological or not, having supportive people who provide unconditional care is important. Therese is the youngest of six children and the mother of two. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, appreciating memories and growing together. Therese recognizes family dynamics can fluctuate abruptly and can be impacted by societal stressors, creating a rift in the family culture. Underlining core values and understanding unifying perspectives can be vital to maintaining healthy foundations.

Honoring Life Stages: Respecting where you are on your journey
Everyone is at their own place and traveling at their own pace through the seasons of life. These seasons may bring triumph or pain, and we all deserve to feel respected in that space. As our own journey develops, we have the privilege to appreciate where we have been, where we are at in the moment, and who we will develop to become.

Education: Seeking opportunities to learn how to grow from your environment
Therese believes we are continually learning from our world and each other. When we play an active role in educating ourselves, we are more open to new information and embrace an opportunity for growth and change.

Interconnectedness: Embrace diversity and thrive with social capital
Therese believes we are all interconnected and appreciates the world from a global perspective. She respects all cultures and people’s attitudes different from her own. The diversity in humanity provides all of us with a unique window of opportunity to grow beyond our own comfort zone to embrace new outlooks. When we share our talents with others and renew ourselves with assistance from our neighbors, a refreshing culture of kindness may unfold.

Empowering Each Other: Enhance your capacity for happiness
Therese recalls always having a curiosity to learn more about people within their world and encourage them to find ways to feel empowered. Empowerment is when people make choices that enhance the capacity to take healthy action in their lives. Being an empowering person boosts self-esteem and provides a positive outlook for people to promote caring families and communities. Everyone has the innate right to have hope, happiness, peace, and love.

Life Purpose: Find meaning in your existence
Therese believes everyone has a purpose in life. Sometimes when we struggle, we lose sight of our abilities and goals. Through understanding our core sense of self we find the deeper true meaning of our existence. Exploring and getting to know our true selves can be a vulnerable place to venture, and is very enlightening to reveal our actualized purpose in life.

Forgiveness: Your freedom from resentment
The journey towards inner peace finds exploration in forgiveness. Resentment entrenched in lack of forgiveness can harvest negativity beyond the cause itself. In all things, we have the capacity to love and give appreciation in return. Our souls crave empathy. Forgiveness allows us to be free to live a fulfilled and happy life above the summit. Let us all forgive and be liberated.

Humor: Your childhood spirit
Laughter opens up our hearts to the inner spirit of the child within. It can often be the best way to get the boost to start feeling good about ourselves amidst a life of adversity. Therese is a true believer of laughing at herself in good humor. She has been known to be a little quirky and enjoys being silly.

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