Do you feel like no one understands you? Do you feel bad about yourself or something that happened to you or your family? Are you having trouble with friends at school?

Hey There,

My name is Therese and I am a counselor. There may be many reasons why you are reading this, but a likely one is that someone who cares about you is thinking it may be good for you to talk with someone about what is going on in your life right now or something you may be experiencing. Does it mean you are weird or crazy? Absolutely not! What is important is that you are able to feel happy and understood.

You may or may not know about what counseling is? Basically, a counselor is someone who is trained to listen and give guidance about things going on in your life. It is someone who you are able to talk with to get helpful suggestions to feel better about something you are going through. You can talk to a counselor and the conversation is private. Many people go to see a counselor and you would never know it.

Some reasons why people talk with a counselor:
• Going through a life transition, like a move or a new school
• Have a heavy heart about the loss of someone you are close to
• Things just aren’t going right at home
• People just don’t understand what is going on in your life
• School and friends are too much to handle
• Life seems to be getting too complicated
• Having overwhelming feelings like – anger, sadness, fear, and/or nervousness

If you are experiencing a challenge like one of these or one of your own, it is important to feel heard and safe to express what you are dealing with in your own way. I can talk with you to find the confidence and strength within yourself to work through it. It is important to surround yourself with people and resources that can help provide a foundation for you to meet the challenges with positive focus and dream beyond the adversity (that means the negative stuff).

When I meet with teens, I listen to help encourage you to learn about your values and cultivate them on a daily basis. I will try to help you find your own balance to be happy.


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