Humans Connect: Today is My Great Day
by Therese Hensler, MSW, LCSW, CDWF-C

As the summer sun awakens us earlier each day, we are provided refreshing opportunities to embrace life and beauty surrounding us. How we wake up in the morning can pump up or deflate our day. Every morning I sing, “Good morning, good morning to the day, we are going to have a good, good, great, great day!” to my kids. Unfortunately, we don’t all have someone welcoming the day to us in such a cheerful way. Perhaps many of us wouldn’t even welcome it if we did.

It is more likely that we begin the day defeated. Met by a late alarm clock, a burnt piece of toast, or a car cutting us off. All of this is before we even push the start button on the actual day awaiting! Then, when we get to our destination, the day continues its downward spiral. Sound familiar?

Instead of spelunking down the cave of a bad day, grab your rope of hope and lift yourself toward the best day you can have. People sometimes don’t have the self-awareness to recognize how their bad day can affect others. We can choose to share happiness or irritability, despite what direction our day is in. Either way, our daily actions remain interconnected with other peoples’ experiences. We can bring on hope or despair, love or hate, shame or forgiveness. While we are each on our own journey, seeking meaning in the world, embrace our human connectedness to encourage goodness. If you tell yourself you will have a great day, you are more likely to have one – the power of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Imagine what else you are capable of. Start today!

My Morning Meditation
Today is going to be a wonderful day. Whatever I may encounter, I will approach it with optimism and do my best with the talents I have. I will maintain a flexible attitude and allow myself to learn from what I encounter on today’s path. I am in control of my own actions, and will choose to act in ways which spread love to others and myself.
Resource: To boost a positive outlook with mindfulness meditations, my favorite to start with is Mindfulness for Beginners by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

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