Humans Connect: Living Life For the First Time

Whether you are into resolutions or not, a fresh start with a new perspective takes courage with a mix of risk.  The first time we try something exciting, it’s usually a memorable moment. A moment that can lead to an awesome success or what seems like failure. The truth is, we take risks every second in the midst of uncertainty, and yes, that makes us brave.  Remember that first day on the job, first date, first car, or first whatever? You can bring yourself back to vivid moments of first, but how often can we recollect the seventh or one thousand and fifty second? And what about those really mundane, have to dos? What if we were able to experience life each day as if it was a series of firsts? I am sure we would feel a lot more fulfilled and get that exhilarating feeling over and over again. So how do we make it happen? Be present by to the day, even in the seemingly monotonous situations. Practicing mindfulness is simply paying attention in the moment without judging.

Here are some thoughts of how to be more mindful:

  • Notice all the flavors in a meal, while recognizing each bite to enhance the senses.
  • During a routine drive, look around at nature.
  • Take in awareness of your surroundings while sitting in a quiet room.
  • Embrace your feelings throughout the day without judging them, but respecting them. Then reflect on the themes of the feelings. Is there anything that can be changed to embrace happy mindfulness?
  • Take a walk, recognizing how each movement feels.

We shuffle through life wanting the more, the bigger, the better, only to find that once we get it we are still not satisfied. Let’s look at our own lives and I am sure we will find cause to be fulfilled. Satisfaction guaranteed.